Choosing the Right Toilet

Choosing the right toilet for a home or commercial project is essential for comfort. This guide will offer details and tips about the different types of toilets to facilitate the search.

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  • How to choose the best toilet?


    To choose the best toilet for your bathroom there are a number of key criteria to consider. For instance, understanding the different types of installation that exist as well as the different types of toilet itself  will be the first essential step in your selection. Dimensions, material and style also play a key role, as well as a few other options. Here we will examine the key things to consider when buying a toilet to help you make the best choice:

    The main criteria to consider when choosing a toilet are:

    • Type of installation and evacuation
    • Dimensions
    • Type of toilet
    • Material and style
    • Other options
  • What type of installation and evacuation is required?

    The types of installation for toilets are split into two categories: floor mounted and wall hung. There are three main types of floor-mounted toilet installations, with the toilet bowl resting on the floor directly: close-coupled, back-to-wall and toilet with a high tank.

    • Close-coupled: This is the simplest installation. The toilet bowl and the tank (aka cistern) are connected together in one single piece or two pieces. While two piece toilets are the most common, one piece toilets have no joints so they are easier to clean.
    • Back-to-wall: The cistern is concealed in the drywall, usually with a hidden supporting structure, and the toilet bowl is floor mounted. This is favored for modern bathrooms because it’s easy to clean and maintain and is generally quieter than traditional close-coupled designs as the tank is concealed in the drywall.
    • Toilet with high tank: This is a good choice for traditional bathrooms with high ceilings. The bowl and the tank are connected by a pipe. The flush is usually operated by a pull chain.
    • Wall hung: The toilet bowl is mounted to a concealed support in the drywall, which also supports the tank. This is the best installation for minimalist bathrooms but more complex than the other installations.

    It’s important to consider if your toilet needs a horizontal (aka p trap) or vertical (aka s trap) connection to the evacuation. If retrofitting, be sure to choose a toilet that fits with the existing evacuation.


    A E T ITALIA Wall Hung Toilet

    SIMAS ACQUA SPACE High Tank Toilet

    SIMAS  High Tank Toilet

    CIELO Close-Coupled Toilet

    CIELO Close-Coupled Toilet

  • What do I need to know about dimensions?

    NOVEL Compact Toilet

    NOVEL Compact Toilet

    Make sure that you measure the space and ensure that the type of toilet selected is appropriate. Toilets with a concealed cistern may require more room for the drywall and supporting frame than compact close-coupled toilets. There are also some toilets available for a corner installation.

    The toilet bowl shape and height can have an impact on use and ergonomy. Higher toilets are easier to use for people with reduced mobility. Toilets with an elongated bowl offer comfort, while toilets with a compact square or round bowl save space.

    Regulations: Be sure to check local regulations. Toilets for public use, especially toilets for the disabled, usually need to take into account specific height and depth requirements. There are also set minimums for the amount of space from the toilet to the wall and placement of other fixtures such as grab bars etc.

  • What material and style options are available?

    DELABIE Stainless Steel Toilet

    DELABIE Stainless Steel Toilet

    Most toilets are made out of ceramic or porcelain. These are the most popular materials both for commercial and residential use due to their comfort, ease of maintenance, hygiene and longevity. Stainless steel toilets have the advantage of being lighter and more shock resistant, but are often less comfortable so they are mostly used in public washrooms.

    Toilets come in modern, minimalist and traditional styles. Minimalist and modern styles work well with contemporary bathrooms and tend to be easier to clean because of their streamlined shape and finish. Minimalist toilets can have concealed or visible tanks.

    Traditional toilets have visible tanks and are ideal for period style bathrooms. Traditional toilets with low level tanks often come with lever handles, while toilets with high level tanks have pull chains.

  • What other types of toilets are out there?

    ECODOMEO Dry Toilet

    ECODOMEO Dry Toilet

    The most common toilets outside the standard ones are electronic toilets, shower toilets, Turkish toilets and dry toilets.

    • Electronic toilets have an electronic flush. Since the user doesn’t need to touch anything, it’s more hygienic than the manual button flush and is ideal for public buildings and high-traffic areas.
    • Shower toilets combine a bidet function with a conventional toilet.
    • Turkish toilets are floor mounted and require the user to squat. There is no seat, only a floor installation on which the user stands, then squats.
    • Dry toilets are considered ecological as they use a water-free solution. They usually have a waste treatment system so the waste can be composted. For this reason, they are also referred to as compost toilets.
  • What other options are available?

    ROCA Toilet with Integrated Sink

    ROCA Toilet with Integrated Sink

    Some other options exist for the type of flush, the use of water and the seat choice.

    Type of flush:

    • With a flush button, many modern designs have two flush buttons for water saving; one releases more water than the other. Sometimes the flush buttons are sold separately for hidden tank systems.
    • With Lever: commonly used in low tank traditional toilets
    • Pull-chain: used in high tank traditional toilets.

    Other options :

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