Choosing the Right Range Cooker

A range cooker, also known as a stove in the US, is a versatile kitchen appliance with one or more ovens and a stovetop. There are a number of things to take into account when selecting one, including power type, size and cleaning options. This guide will examine the key points to consider when choosing a range cooker for your kitchen.

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  • How to choose the right range cooker

    Range cookers, also known as ranges, combine a stovetop and an oven in one single appliance. There are a number of options and sizes to choose from, so make sure that the model you choose is adapted to your needs and the space available. Here are some of the key points to think about when making your selection:

    • Type
    • Size and installation
    • Type and number of burners
    • Number of ovens
    • Oven cleaning options
    • Style and material
  • What type of range cooker should I choose?

    NORDICA Wood-burning Range Cooker

    NORDICA Wood-burning Range Cooker

    The main types of range cookers are electric, gas, dual-fuel and wood-burning. The choice may depend on your preference and the gas installations and ventilation outlets available in your kitchen.

    Electric ranges have the advantage of being easy to use, install and clean. With a variety of cooking and cleaning technologies available, there are a large number of models to choose from to suit your cooking needs.

    Gas ranges are less common than electric ones. Still, you might prefer a gas oven instead of an electric one because certain foods retain moisture better when using a gas oven. Gas stovetops allow the user to control the flame intensity with precision. It is important to have a secure gas connection and the appropriate ventilation in your kitchen.

    Wood-burning ranges are a great choice for rustic or country-style homes looking for a traditional cooking appliance with authentic charm. However, this type of range needs to have the right flue pipe evacuations and ventilation and comply with local regulations. Some wood-burning ranges can double up as central heating systems or might even have a glass viewing window allowing you to enjoy the view of the fire.

    In general, dual-fuel modules combine gas and electric options for the hobs and ovens, but some may have a wood-burning stove. One of the most common configurations for a dual-fuel range is an electric oven with a gas hob.

  • What size range cooker do I need and what are the installation options?

    ELECTROLUX Commercial Range Cooker

    ELECTROLUX Commercial Range Cooker

    The size of the range cooker you need will depend on how much space you have available and how much food you need to cook at the same time. Standard-sized ranges often have three or four burners and one or two ovens, but the size of the burners and the capacity of the ovens can vary.

    • Common range cooker sizes in the EU are generally 60 cm deep and either 60 cm, 70 cm, 90 cm, 110 cm or 120 cm wide.
    • In the US, cooking ranges are generally 25-27” in depth and the standard widths are 30”, 36”, 40” and 48” but can go up to 60”.

    Range cookers are often standalone, but you can find models that are designed to fit into an existing kitchen that line up with the worktop and cabinets. Some manufacturers can even make range cookers in custom sizes to fit your kitchen.

  • How many and what type of burners can a range cooker have?

    OFFICINE GULLO Induction Range Cooker

    OFFICINE GULLO Induction Range Cooker

    When choosing a range cooker, think about the number, type and size of burners you require. A standard-sized range cooker typically has three or four burners, while wider models can have as many as 10 burners. A range with a mix of both gas and electric burners could be useful for cooking different types of dishes. Some burners have different cooking zones, allowing you to adapt the size of the cooking area to your cookware.

    • Gas burners might be preferred because the flame can be more easily controlled with the dials. For more power, a range with a triple crown burner can reduce cooking time.
    • Hot-plate electric burners use a heating element to heat a metal plate, which then heats the cookware.
    • Vitroceramic burners consist of an electric cooktop with a smooth glass ceramic surface heated by burners embedded underneath. The two main types are radiant vitroceramic cooktops, which have metal heating elements, and halogen vitroceramic cooktops, which use halogen bulbs to heat the ceramic glass.
    • Induction burners are also flat top and work by creating an electromagnetic current between the electromagnetic filament and the pot or pan to heat them directly, saving energy. The drawback is that only induction-compatible cookware can be used (containing magnetic metals such as cast iron or stainless steel).
  • How many ovens do I need for my range cooker?

    ILVE 2 Oven Range Cooker

    ILVE 2 Oven Range Cooker

    The number of ovens you need for your range will depend on your available space, budget and the type of dishes you need to cook at the same time. Most standard ranges are available with one or two ovens, however, larger models can have three or four ovens.

    One of the most common 1 oven range cooker is the fan-assisted electric oven with multiple cooking options for flexibility. If you need to cook dishes at different temperatures, a range cooker with two or more ovens could be a better option for you. A popular choice for two oven ranges is to have a regular-sized fan-assisted oven at the bottom and a smaller top oven with a broiler. Some ranges might offer more specialized ovens such as gas, wood-fired, pizza ovens or with steam cooking or an air frying option.

  • What are the main oven cleaning methods for a range cooker?

    HOTPOINT Catalytic Range Cooker

    HOTPOINT Catalytic Range Cooker

    Range cookers have a similar variety of cleaning options as standalone ovens. While some range ovens might simply have an enameled finish to facilitate manual cleaning, others have self-cleaning options that can save you time:

    • Pyrolytic range ovens heat to over 400°C on the cleaning set to burn food residue into ash, which can be wiped away after the end of the cleaning cycle.
    • Catalytic range ovens have special liners on the surfaces inside the oven which absorb grease and break it down at temperatures over 200°C.
      A few ovens have a steam cleaning option, although this is less common.
  • What style and material options are available for range cookers?

    LA CORNUE Traditional Range Cooker

    LA CORNUE Traditional Range Cooker

    Many manufacturers understand the importance of visually matching your appliances to the style of your kitchen, especially in the home. While there are many range cooker designs for contemporary kitchens, some companies specialize in more traditional style range cookers with matching handles and buttons. There might also be a range of color options for the façade and cooktop.

    The material options for your range oven could be influenced by the type of cooktop you decide to choose. For example, there may be a combination of cast-iron plates and stainless steel / enameled surfaces. A wood-burning range may have a cast iron body. Professional ranges often have stainless steel facing for easy cleaning.

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