Choosing the Right Lamp

Choosing the right lamp for your home or commercial project can create an ambiance and improve user comfort. This guide will offer details and tips about the different types of lamps available in order to facilitate your search.

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  • How do I choose the right lamp?

    NORDLUX LED pendant Lamp

    NORDLUX Pendant Lamp

    Understanding the different types of lamps, light sources, materials, styles and current trends are essential in order to select the perfect lamp. In this guide, we will examine the key things to consider when buying a lamp to help you make the best choice :

    • Type
    • Dimensions and location
    • Light source
    • Materials
    • Styles and current trends
  • What sort of lighting can lamps provide?

    Lamps can provide a variety of types of lighting that we will define below.  Knowing what the lamp will be used for will help you know what sort of lighting to choose.

    • General (or ambient) lighting is used to illuminate a room or a space neutrally.
    • Task lighting ensures a higher level of illumination for a particular activity such as reading, preparing food or working.
    • Accent lighting is used to highlight a particular area of a room or piece of furniture.
    • Mood lighting provides a decorative complement to general lighting or creates an atmosphere in a room.
  • What type of lamp should I choose?

    Types of lamps are categorized mainly by how and where they are installed. Here are the main types of lamps along with examples of uses.

    • Pendant lamps are often used for general lighting and can have a big impact on the overall style of a room. Large pendant lamps or chandeliers can make a great focal point, such as over a dining table. Multiple pendant lamps can be used for task lighting and decoration over kitchen islands.
    • Table lamps can be used for accent, mood or task lighting.
    • Bedside table lamps are often used to provide a softer light than general lighting in a room before sleeping. If you like to read in bed, ensure that the lamp is bright enough. Some bedside table lamps have an adjustable head to direct the light.
    • Desk lamps are placed on or attached to a desk. Many desk lamps are orientable or height adjustable so that the direction of the light can be customized. When choosing a desk lamp, make sure that the size is appropriate for the area that needs to be lit. Computer work and detailed manual work may require different light intensities.
    • Floor-standing lamps are tall floor lamps with a supporting base. They are often positioned in corners or next to seating areas. They may have different base designs including straight, tripod or arc. Some are adjustable so that they can be used for task lighting or reading. Some floor lamps have unconventional shapes for decoration. Low level outdoor lamps can even be used for path lighting.
    • Portable lamps are useful for lighting areas far from power sockets.  Those suitable for outdoor use are great for providing garden mood lighting.  Some can even be used as floating lamps for water features, pools and fountains.

    If your lamp is destined for commercial use make sure it is hard wearing and has the necessary safety ratings.

    ROYAL BOTANIA Portable Lamp

    ROYAL BOTANIA Portable Lamp


    MARSET ILUMINACION Pendant / Floor Lamp

    MADE BY HAND Table lamp

    MADE BY HAND Table Lamp

  • What do I need to know about lamp dimensions and installation?

    Make sure your lamp is in proportion to the space and complements the furniture. Large lamps in a small space or on small pieces of furniture can look bulky. The main dimensions to take into consideration are the height and width of the lamp, the diameter of the shade and the base. A lamp that has a diffuser or shade covering the bulb at eye level will avoid glare and be easier on the eyes.

    For a pendant lamp in the center of a room or a corridor, ensure that it is installed at least 78” (200cm) from the ground. Pendant lamps installed over kitchen islands or dining tables should be a minimum of 72” (182cm) from the floor. Using multiple pendant lamps evenly spaced over a kitchen island helps to ensure better task lighting and avoid dark shadows.

  • What do I need to know about light bulbs and light sources?

    As standard incandescent bulbs are being phased out in many countries, lower energy alternatives such as LEDs are becoming the new standard. Make sure you buy the correct bulbs for the lighting device you have chosen.

    • Check the technical documents for the voltage, wattage and base fitting.
    • Consider how easy the light sources or bulbs are to replace and how many are needed.
    • If your fixture is dimmable, bare in mind that a dimmable LED bulb is required.
    • LEDs are available in different color temperatures measured in Kelvin (K). Temperatures can range from low level, which is yellower and warmer like a traditional incandescent bulb (2700K), to high level, which is bluer and closer to daylighting (5500K).
    • Check the brightness of the bulb, measured in lumens (lm).  1600 lumens is the equivalent of a 100W incandescent bulb, whilst 450 lumens is the equivalent of a 40W incandescent bulb. While a dimmer bulb is more suitable for mood lighting, precision work requires a brighter bulb.
  • What do I need to know about lamp materials?

    DELIGHTFULL Brass Floor Lamp

    DELIGHTFULL Brass Floor Lamp

    Manufacturers use a variety of materials to produce lamps, and your final decision when choosing a lamp will depend on the ambiance of the room and other materials used throughout the interior. Here is some helpful information.

    • The most common lamp materials used include metal, glass, plastic, fabric, wood, ceramic, and stone.
    • Lamps made from materials such as paper, plastic and fabric are generally lighter and less expensive than those made from metal, wood and glass.
    • The quality of the construction and finish of the lamp can influence the longevity, robustness and style.
    • For pendant lighting, make sure the existing fixture is appropriate for the lamp you choose and can safely support the total weight, especially for lamps or chandeliers made from heavy materials such as glass, stone, crystal or brass.
  • What do I need to know about lamp styles and trends?

    Since you will want to choose the style and shape of your lamp to complement the decor of your space, you will need to decide between classic or contemporary. You will also want to be up to date with the latest trends.

    Classic or traditional lamps use more historical production techniques, materials, shapes and motifs. Many use traditional materials such as brass, glass, fabric, crystal and sculpted wood as well as a limited color palette.

    Contemporary style lamps cover a number of fashionable styles ranging from industrial to minimalist, organic or original designs. Contemporary style lighting also englobes lamps using modern production techniques such as laser cutting, roto molding and synthetic materials such as polymers and composites. Minimalist style lamps are characterized by the use of simple streamlined geometric shapes and fused elements. Industrial style uses elements from traditional warehouses or industrial fixtures.

    Some current trends include:

    • Industrial style lamps, mimicking traditional factory lamp forms.
    • Minimalist lamps in materials such as wood, metal and glass.
    • Wireframe geometric shaped lamps.
    • Finishes such as mat black and gold.
    • Sustainable materials such as wood, rattan and bamboo.

    Another big trend is rechargeable portable lamps and water resistant versions for outdoor use.  Some lamps even incorporate other technological features such as built-in bluetooth speakers, touch controls or infrared sensors.

    KOODOO Lamp with Speaker

    KOODOO Lamp with Speaker

    SITTING BULL Outdoor Lamp

    SITTING BULL Outdoor Lamp


    JANGIR MADDADI Contemporary Lamp

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