Choosing the Right Wardrobe

A wardrobe can have a big impact on the style, space and amount of storage in a bedroom or home. In this guide, we will look at the most important points to consider to help you select the best wardrobe whether it’s for a house, a hotel or an apartment.

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  • How to choose the best wardrobe?

    BB ITALIA Wardrobe

    B&B ITALIA Wardrobe

    When selecting a wardrobe there are a number of essential points to consider. The available space in the bedroom will be of the utmost importance and will help you determine the type of wardrobe to choose. Here are the key points:

    • Space available and dimensions
    • Type
    • The storage needs of the user(s)
    • Style
    • Material
  • How much space is available for a wardrobe and who is it for?

    SHAKE DESIGN Wardrobe

    SHAKE DESIGN Wardrobe

    Think about how much space you have available in the room and who is the intended user. Families living in large spaces might want to consider integrated or walk-in wardrobes to ensure that there is enough storage for all clothing and belongings. Temporary residential accommodation such as hotel rooms, student accommodation or short-stay residencies tend to have limited space and occupants with fewer belongings. A simple free-standing wardrobe or partition wall with a built-in wardrobe could be enough to cover most guests’ needs.

    When deciding where to put the wardrobe, make sure that there is enough room to fully open wardrobe doors, drawers and for the user to stand in front. Ensure that the wardrobes do not block natural light or access to windows or door openings. Full height wardrobes can also be used as room dividers. Think about the dimensions of the wardrobe required for hanging and storage needs. A standard wardrobe usually has a depth of around 24 inches or 60cm to allow enough space for hanging clothes.

  • What are the types of wardrobe to choose from?

    POLIFORM Walk-in Wardrobe

    POLIFORM Walk-in Wardrobe

    The different types include walk-in, free-standing, corner; modular, wall-mounted, built-in and trunk wardrobes. Each type is unique and fits to a specific project. Keep in mind that for built-in and walk-in wardrobes, the storage is sometimes modular to best suit the user’s needs. The most common types are shelves, clothes rails, trouser rails, drawers and shoe racks.

    Walk-in wardrobes can make it easier to find items if you have a spare room and a large amount of clothing, shoes or other items to store. This made-to-measure modular solution optimizes the floor to ceiling space.

    Free-standing wardrobes or standalone wardrobes can be repositioned in different rooms, are easy to install and available in a number of standard configurations.

    Corner wardrobes make the most of corner spaces for storage.

    Modular wardrobes can be designed for your needs and optimize the space available. The layout of shelving, drawers and hanging rails can often be customized to suit the individual.

    Wall-mounted wardrobes can be either floor standing wardrobes attached to the wall for stability or floating wall-hung wardrobes which save floor space and are great for minimalist design schemes.

    Built-in wardrobes are ideal for optimizing floor-to-ceiling space, making use of awkwardly shaped spaces such as attics or under staircases. Most built-in wardrobes are made to measure to ensure that they are perfectly integrated.

    Trunk wardrobes, inspired by clothing trunks from the early 20th century, have recently seen a revival. In the form of a case, the wardrobe folds out into a number of compartments specially for clothing. For those who move regularly with fewer wardrobe needs, a smaller version on casters can be a great travelling case for a long work trip.

  • What do I need to know about wardrobe doors?

    CACCARO Folding Door Wardrobe

    CACCARO Folding Door Wardrobe

    When choosing a wardrobe, users can opt between open wardrobes that keep clothing visible and wardrobes with doors. For compact spaces with minimal storage needs, open wardrobes tend to be less bulky, which can be a better solution. The advantage of wardrobes with opaque doors is that they can keep your wardrobe’s content out of sight while keeping out dust. They can also have decorative or mirrored finishes to make a space appear brighter and larger.

    Traditional wardrobes usually have swing doors. These take up more floor space when opened than sliding doors or folding doors, so are better in larger spaces. Sliding door wardrobes are a practical solution for narrow locations such as corridors, and compact bedrooms or studios.


  • Which styles of wardrobe are available?

    LOLA GLAMOUR Original Design Wardrobe

    LOLA GLAMOUR Original Design Wardrobe

    As with most furniture, wardrobes come in contemporary, traditional or classic styles. It is best to choose the style in accordance with the rest of the bedroom.

    Contemporary wardrobes  can come in a wide variety of designs including minimalist options, original designs, bold colors and natural wooden finishes. Traditional wardrobes are often made of conventional materials such as solid wood and often integrate ornamentation such as panelling and brass door handles. Classic wardrobes such as elaborately decorated period style furniture, can add a touch of luxury to classical style bedrooms or hotel rooms.

  • What do I need to know about wardrobe materials?

    DOCA Mirrored Wardrobe

    DOCA Mirrored Wardrobe

    The material chosen can have a big impact on the style and decoration of your room, as well as cost and maintenance. The most common materials used for wardrobes are solid wood, engineered wood, glass and mirror.

    Wooden wardrobes can be made of solid wood but are often made from engineered wood boards, decorated with coatings or finishes such as melamine or lacquer. Engineered boards are the most popular wardrobe material, as they are available in a number of different colors and motifs. Be sure to check the quality of the type of wood board used as well as the type of coating used. Higher quality pieces often use denser boards for the core such as MDF for better stability. Plywood and wood veneer finishes can be used as another alternative to solid wood designs, as they tend to look more authentic than imitation wood laminate boards. Solid wood is a great choice to add a touch of nature into the house. Timeless wood pieces can last for years and are available in styles to suit both modern and traditional bedrooms.

    Glass wardrobes can be opaque, translucent or transparent. Transparent or translucent glass wardrobes can help display your clothing. Paired with backlighting and black metal framing, this can add an industrial quality to your space, while highlighting prized clothing possessions.

    Fully mirrored wardrobe options help make small spaces look bigger and more open. They also tend to blend well with existing decor and optimize brightness in the space. For those that prefer mirrors out of sight, some wardrobes have mirrors mounted on the inside of the door.

  • What are the wardrobe options and trends to look out for?

    PIANCO Wardrobe with Lighting

    PIANCO Wardrobe with Lighting

    If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, some of the latest trends and options in wardrobe design might surprise you. There is everything from from Hi-tech and multifonctional designs to transparent wardrobes.

    Some of the most interesting Hi-tech wardrobe designs include; wardrobes with built-in conveyors that bring your clothes to you, wardrobes with integrated screens to help plan your outfit and steamer closets that sanitize clothing while removing wrinkles and odors. Transparent wardrobes, with back lighting and high-end detailing, can turn carefully placed objects and clothing into an attractive display, ideal for people who invest in their clothing or take pride in their appearance. Multifonctional wardrobes with integrated furniture, such as television niches, fold out desks or even beds, can help optimize small spaces, which can be particularly useful in compact appartements or student accommodation.

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