Choosing the Right Washbasin Cabinet

A washbasin cabinet is either designed to accommodate a built-in sink or a countertop sink.  It can be used to create an attractive focal point, hide pipework and provide extra storage space. This guide will help you choose the best washbasin cabinet for your bathroom project by covering the main points to consider during your search.

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  • How do I choose the right washbasin cabinet?

    ARTELINEA Washbasin cabinet

    ARTELINEA Washbasin Cabinet

    Choosing the right washbasin cabinet for your project can contribute to creating an organized and functional space while improving the aesthetics of the bathroom. Here are some of the key criteria to take into consideration when making your choice:

    • Bathroom dimensions and layout
    • Cabinet installation options
    • Storage requirements
    • Materials and finishes
    • Styles and trends
  • What size washbasin cabinet should I choose?

    ALTAMAREA - Double Washbasin Cabinet

    ALTAMAREA – Double Washbasin Cabinet

    Certain elements will influence how you size your washbasin cabinet, including the dimensions of your bathroom, how many people will be using the cabinet at any given time and the location of the plumbing. You’ll need to ensure you have enough room to circulate in the bathroom and access the cabinet.

    For small bathrooms, a narrow or corner washbasin cabinet can help prevent the space from looking cluttered. If you have a generous-sized space, think about the number of people that will need to use the washbasin(s). For couples and families, a double washbasin cabinet can make sharing the bathroom easier. Make sure you choose a cabinet that coordinates well with the size and shape of your washbasin.

    Think about the best position for the cabinet in relation to other bathroom installations such as the toilet and shower. Bathrooms for professional projects may need to comply with minimum circulation dimensions, especially for accessible bathrooms designed for wheelchair users or people with reduced mobility.

  • What are the installation options for washbasin cabinets?

    Washbasin cabinets can be free-standing, also known as floor-mounted, or wall-hung. Although wall-hung cabinets are easier to clean underneath and occupy less space, they do require wall fixings that can support the load of the cabinet, which could increase the cost of the installation. Free-standing cabinets are easier to install and often have more storage space than their wall-hung equivalents. In the end, the choice depends on personal preferences and which type will fit more appropriately in the designated bathroom.

  • Should I get a washbasin cabinet with drawers, shelves or cupboards?

    LINEART Washbasin Cabinet with Doors

    LINEART Washbasin Cabinet with Doors

    Whether or not you opt for a washbasin cabinet with drawers, shelves or cupboards depends on how much storage is required by the end user. If it is a personal project consider the size and quantity of the products that need to be stored. If it is for a client, discuss their needs with them. Cupboards create a better hideout for larger products, while a drawer is practical for smaller items. Many washbasin cabinets offer a combination of drawers, shelves and doors. Although open shelving can be great for displaying decorative pieces or having easy access to regularly used products, opaque drawers and doors are easier to clean and help to keep the bathroom looking tidy.

    For compact bathrooms, ensure you have enough room to open cupboard doors or drawers, otherwise, you will be limited to open shelving or cabinets with sliding doors. Also, keep in mind that the plumbing position and dimensions will determine what design will fit more appropriately in the space. Many washbasin cabinets provide space to hide pipe fittings behind drawers or shelves.

  • Which material and finish should I choose for my washbasin cabinet?

    KARPENTER Teak Washbasin Cabinet

    KARPENTER Teak Washbasin Cabinet

    The material and finish of a washbasin cabinet contribute to the aesthetics of a bathroom. While you’ll need to consider this aspect for the project at hand, the allotted budget for the project will also play a factor in your final choice.

    Solid wood, such as oak and teak, is popular due to its natural aesthetic and is often finished with a protective coating to prevent damage from humidity. Favored for its durability and resistance to moisture and rotting, teak is a fine choice but it’s heavier than other woods. Bamboo, although technically a grass, is often grouped with wood products because it looks similar and is a strong material. While lightweight and moisture resistant, it also grows fast, making it a sustainable alternative to solid wood.

    Many washbasin cabinets are made out of engineered wood boards, then laminated with PVC, melamine or another coating such as lacquer. Laminate wood boards are available in a wide range of colors and finishes including mat, gloss, wood-look and stone-look. Although they cost less than solid wood, glass or metal alternatives, they tend to be less durable. If possible, choose higher quality cores such as MDF over weaker particleboards and prioritize furniture with longer warranties and robust finishes.

    Metal washbasin cabinets usually have a structure made from metals such as aluminum, steel, brass or stainless steel and are frequently paired with other wood-based materials for storage and paneling.

    Glass washbasin cabinets often incorporate glass for only the countertops, shelving or façades, and use metal or wood-based materials for the structure. This is also the case for materials such as ceramic and stone, which are usually only integrated into the countertops or shelving.

  • What do I need to know about washbasin cabinet styles and trends?

    BLEU PROVENCE Traditional Washbasin Cabinet

    BLEU PROVENCE Traditional Washbasin Cabinet

    Whether you are looking for a contemporary or traditional washbasin cabinet to match your bathroom, there are a number of options to choose from. You might want to choose a minimalist design without handles for easier cleaning and a more spacious looking bathroom. Some contemporary washbasin cabinets might incorporate a mirror, lighting or other fittings. One washbasin cabinet trend is pairing an industrial-style metal frame with another material (such as wood or marble) for the countertop, shelving or drawers.

    In order to create a luxurious bathroom, you might want to opt for ornate finishes such as carved solid wood, a classic washbasin cabinet or a polished brass washbasin stand to support a Victorian washbasin.

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