Choosing the Right Kitchen

When choosing the right kitchen, it is important to consider the different options, styles and configurations that can be found on the market.

You will need to ask yourself many questions. For example, would you like to have cabinet doors with handles? If so, keep in mind that handles can be fabricated with a lacquer, gloss or matte finish. As for kitchen worktops, many manufacturers on the market now integrate cooktops, fryers and pasta cookers as well as gas, induction and vitro ceramic stoves into the counter or cabinet.

The ArchiExpo website offers many choices and options for kitchens built by select manufacturers. You can easily click on the tabs on the website and start identifying your preference of style, material, configuration, integrated options and other characteristics in order to generate an extensive list of products that meet your needs.

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  • What to consider when choosing a new kitchen?

    In any situation, here are the points to consider when choosing a new kitchen for your home:

    • Identify the style of kitchen you want.
    • Assess your needs. Think about what you will most likely want to use and see in your kitchen.
    • Choose the materials that you prefer for different parts of your kitchen.
    • Identify the color scheme and theme of your kitchen.
    • Ask yourself what purpose you want your kitchen space to serve: to bond with family and friends, act as a professional kitchen, offer extra space in the home or simply be a place to cook. This will determine the type of configuration you should incorporate.
    • Lastly, determine your budget.
  • What is there to know about a kitchen budget?

    There are a few factors that impact budget. Custom-made designer cabinets, for example, may cost more than their industrial counterparts. If you’re unable to install the kitchen yourself, installation fees will become a factor. Here are some recommendations on where to spend and save your budget:

    • Appealing worktop materials such as wood, granite, marble or quartz can be very expensive, but you will save money in the long run as they will last longer compared to plastic.
    • Quality appliances are replaced less frequently, saving time and money. Buy the essentials first: a high-performing stove, oven and refrigerator. Compromise on small appliances such as wine coolers as they can be bought later when needed.
  • How to choose your kitchen configuration?

    There are different configurations to consider: standard, island, L-shaped, U-shaped, hidden, modular, compact and round.


    kitchen by GD Arredamenti

    Kitchen by GD Arredamenti



    The standard kitchen configuration is the most basic one and is also called a one-wall kitchen. It is best for studio flats and small apartments because it takes up less space. This layout has work counters situated in one parallel configuration against the wall, with integrations such as ovens and gas stoves situated next to the workstations. A disadvantage with this type of configuration is that it provides a small preparation area.


    Kitchen island by DOCA

    Kitchen island by DOCA



    This is a kitchen layout that is very efficient and spacious. Ideally suited for large rooms, it is a workstation located in the middle of the room with two or four walls opposite each other framing the whole space. There are typically no corner cabinets integrated into this configuration. The island is great for multiple people who need to pass by either side of the station. The disadvantage of this layout is that it will take more time to do the plumbing and installation of electrical wiring.


    L-shaped contemporary kitchen by Euromobil

    L-shaped contemporary kitchen by Euromobil



    Usually seen in family homes, the L-Shaped configuration leaves the space in the middle open, making it easier to move around. A dining table or island can also be placed in this space depending on your needs. This layout has two walls in an L-shape with a corner cabinet.


    U-shape contemporary kitchen by BORA Vertriebs

    U-shape contemporary kitchen by BORA Vertriebs



    Also known as a horseshoe kitchen, the U-shaped layout has three base units, allotting for plenty of cabinets and integrated appliances. If you have a large space and spend a lot of time in the kitchen, this is an ideal configuration.


    Hidden kitchen by GAMADECOR – PORCELANOSA Grupo

    Hidden kitchen by GAMADECOR – PORCELANOSA Grupo



    Parts of the kitchen are hidden in this type of configuration, making it perfect for minimalist and modern homes. This layout is good for small-sized apartments as it saves space. Sliding track cabinets can conceal appliances such as sinks, ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers when they are not in use. It works well with other configurations and you can combine it if you’d prefer only part of the kitchen to be hidden.


    Modular kitchen by MAAMI HOME

    Modular kitchen by MAAMI HOME



    The modular kitchen is a set of compartments—cabinets, racks, shelves, drawers—which you can buy individually and install separately. The sets can come in different shapes and sizes so be sure to measure your space before buying the individual parts. This configuration is popular in apartments as it optimizes the available space, with individual parts easily movable from one area to another. A great plus for this layout is that if one part of the kitchen is damaged, it can easily be replaced or repaired. Manufacturers also build modules in standard sizes, making it easy to shop for parts online.


    Compact kitchen byTM Italia

    Compact kitchen byTM Italia



    The compact configuration comprises a furnished culinary set that is ready-made for tiny spaces and apartments. It can also be used outdoors, as it can be moved in any area. Also known as kitchenettes, they are built as an all-in-one package that includes a sink, stovetop, refrigerator, oven and storage. It is a cost-efficient option as there is no need to buy additional appliances. A disadvantage for this layout is that it will not last as long as other standard and fixed kitchens and if you need to replace any parts they will have to be from the same manufacturer.


    Round kitchen by Ar-Tre

    Round kitchen by Ar-Tre



    Also known as a circular kitchen, this configuration is less common and comes in different layouts. It can have an enclosed or open space around a circular or oval island in the middle of the space, but can also be connected to the wall. It is a non-standard layout that requires more planning and is usually custom-designed, making its price higher than other kitchen configurations.

  • How to choose the right materials for your kitchen?

    Choosing the right materials for different parts of your kitchen is essential. Wood and metal are frequently used to fabricate countertops, worktops, cabinets and doors. Stone, for worktops, and glass, for storage and cabinets, have become popular. Kitchen countertops can also be built in sleek marble, quartz, natural rock, slate and granite. Cost-efficient materials for kitchen cabinets are plastic and wood. Other materials to consider are: laminate, melamine, porcelain stoneware, HPL, ceramic, porcelain, linoleum, glass, composite and concrete.
    New trends for the kitchen are a dark palette configuration as well as quartz material for kitchen countertops. There’s also a resurgence of raw material like stone, jute and wood, giving a more earthy and organic ambiance to any space, going back to the basics. Monolithic minerals such as marble or mineral stone and mineral resin such as Corian® and Fenix NTM® are also popular right now.


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